The Future Is Primitive

Embedded deep in the American psyche, the pioneer spirit has never died. It probably never will. We are pioneers, living in a new country. We are explorers who cannot wait to discover what awaits us around the next bend.

black bear décor

Some cities in Europe are centuries old. Even the oldest cites in America are toddlers by comparison. Our cities, compared to the cities of the old world, still live on the edges of frontiers. In any American home, even in the skyscrapers of Manhattan, black bear décor fits. It just fits the spirit of America.

Bear décor has come a long way. It isn’t just busts of bears or bear portraits anymore. Oh no-those just scratch the surface of the universe of bear decorations in 2018.

From bear cabinets to bear shelving; from bear faucets to bear rugs, any American home can be totally bear, top-to-bottom.

Now, a fellow can bring the “man cave” ambiance he longs for into his family’s home, not just to his remote woodland hunting cabin.  

Now, the style and look of bear furnishings are downright classy, classy enough for a woman to say “yes” to bears in her well-kept home.

Of course, children love all the bears around the house, and the primitive look of summer camp reminds teenagers of the good times they have every year with their friends up in the mountains, away from it all.  Grandparents feel at home in the cabin-like feel of a home decked out in bears, too. It harkens back to a simpler time, an earlier time, a time when life was less confusing, more certain, and more family-oriented.

There are many modern, postmodern, eclectic ways to decorate a home today. In so many ways, a homeowner really can’t beat the bear, at all.