Presentation Matters

A local garage has served the community’s auto repair needs for a generation. For everyday maintenance like oil changes and tire rotation, the guys are tough to beat. They can handle major repairs, too. They have been there for a long time.

For new customers, the physical setting of the garage does not inspire confidence. In fact, it hurts the fine mechanics’ reputation. Old toolboxes lining the walls are beaten up and look tired. One can’t help but wonder what shape the tools are which are housed in such ancient, ratty looking containers.

This local garage could benefit greatly from the simple investment of a professional tool box for each mechanic.

Presentation counts so much. Skilled, professional mechanics should house their tools in a  modern toolbox that matches the professionalism and pride they put in every job, in the craft of their work.

First impressions count, too. When a local garage gives first-time customers the impression of being run-down, tired, and not at all modern, those first- time customers will likely only remain one-time customers.  The garage could employ the most skilled mechanics in town, but that talent may never get the chance to shine. The ambiance of the work place just doesn’t instill the reality of the mechanic’s dedication, talent, and knowledge.

professional tool box

If that same local garage invests in itself and gives the mechanics toolboxes that look modern and clean; toolboxes that are portable, and multi-functional, the establishment will possess an air of confidence. The garage will appear modern, ready to repair a new generation of vehicles, for a new generation of customers.

A mechanic can have all the talent in the world. If the customers don’t believe that about them, at first blush, the mechanic will never be able to show just what they can do.