Become Your Own Locksmith

Have you ever been in a moment when you loose your keys?  Have you ever left the keys in the truck and closed it? Have you ever lost your purse and been locked out of your car or home?

In the movies, you always see bobby pins being used to open doors, but have you every wondered what tools are actually used? Most locksmiths have a locksmith tool set that they use with a variety of sized and shaped tools at their disposal.  However, there is a wide variety that one can get lost in without the proper knowledge. 

locksmith tool set

What tools may be in a locksmith’s set?

For the most part, they use picks like half- diamond lock pick, hook pick, ball pick, rake pick, etc.  The most common pick is the half- diamond pick.  However, with traditional locks a hook pick is commonly used and a basic in every tool kit. 

In addition to picks, bump keys can be used to open locks by using a key that is cut as deep as possible called a 999 key.  This can open most deadbolts. 

Broken key extractors are also vital when a key breaks in the lock itself to remove the object and be able to open the lock once again.

A fun instrument of the trade is a pick gun, which can be either manual or automatic, applies vibration and tension until the lock opens.  This only works with pin tumbler locks, though.  A pin tumbler lock has pins of different lengths in order to prevent someone using an incorrect key.

Did you know that these tools could be easily purchased online?

There are sets of tools that can be bought online at companies like SouthOrd with a store solely dedicated to locksmith tools.  You can get yourself a kit and try to become your own locksmith.